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Friday, September 3, 2010


Written by: Joan Cimyotte

E-mail address: joan@crowproductions.com

Category: Relationships

Time: present 2010-2012

Rating G

Summery: The search is on for Mulder and Scully who have not been seen in a few years. Agent

Doggett finds William’s uncle to take the boy in and vows to him he will find his parents. And the old threat of alien invasion has turned into a plague.


Disclaimer: The category is relationships because it is how the characters are related embedded in the mythology of the XFiles. This is how I think the feature film FX3 should continue after “William Story”. This would be maybe the first forty minutes into the movie. I am following story line elements and characters created by Chris Carter and The X Files series.

There is a jungle next to a beach that is surrounded by cliffs. The sedimentary rock has layers of magnetite, shale and red sandstone. A warm breeze blows the palm trees slightly to the south. This small island off the Northern coast of Australia is watched over by Simon. He is a hermit like sixty year old aboriginal keeper of the knowledge. He is the last of his people with the ways of the ancient ones. The American couple had asked him if it was okay to live on a corner of his paradise in exchange for medical help for his family.

The doctor was sleeping on a woven carpet oblivious to any worries. It had been a peaceful interlude to the darkness that had befallen them. Every day seemed calm and placid. Her American husband was fishing with a spear how Simon had taught him. He carried with him a wooden boomerang Simon had given him and it stuck out his back pocket. When a fish was caught, dinner was served. Simon would sometimes bring by a cache of sinsemilla for his guest to enjoy in the finely carved pipe he gave them. He and Simon would spend after dinner hours sometimes practicing the correct boomerang throw. Simon even told him his throw was getting good.

“What are these white spots on my boomerang? I always see that.” Mulder refereed to the tiny dots painted neatly on his boomerang.

“Those is the lights.” Simon said. He had his eyes focused on something in the direction of the sleeping doctor. He had taken a fierce warrior stance all of a sudden and was stalking something crawling. It was a very large black spider the size of a fist marching it’s way towards Scully.


She woke up startled to hear her name called in that tone. The tone she used to hear. Her eyes focussed quickly on the arachnid monster that was nearly a foot away from her. Before she could move Simon’s boomerang had whacked it perfectly into a disgusting mush.

What they did not notice was way up in the clear blue sky was a boomerang shaped flying vessel barely visible to the naked eye.


The doorbell was ringing. Bill Scully came to the door wiping his face with his napkin as his dinner was being interrupted. He looked through the glass to see a man in a suit and a boy. He could tell it was FBI. He opened the door.


Agent Dogged flashed his badge and identified himself. “I’m Agent Dogged with the FBI.”

“Yes?” His eyes met the boy’s eyes. Bill knew instantly who this boy was. It was like the agent did not have to say it. His heart instantly melted.

“This is...” Doggett started to say.

“William?” He opened the door to allow the agent and the boy to come in. “Annie! Come in here.” He called his wife from the kitchen.

“What is it, hon?” She stopped in her tracks when she saw the boy.

Bill’s children came into the room; first was his eighteen year old son and then his fourteen year old daughter Melissa came in the hallway. William was struck by her appearance because the girl so resembled his memory of his mother. Melissa had beautiful emerald eyes and striking red hair. William’s face went pale when he saw her.

“This is William.” Big burly Bill had tears in his eyes.

Annie came up to William and hugged him. He stood there flatly unemotional staring at Melissa. Annie was overcome with emotion.

“William. Oh you poor dear.” She looked up at her husband.

The questions in Bill’s mind were boiling over. “Annie, see if William would like something to eat. I need to talk to the agent.”

Melissa took his hand and led the way back to the kitchen.

Bill escorted Agent Doggett into his office.
“You can understand that I have a lot of questions, Agent Doggett”

“We all have questions Mr. Scully.”

“Can you tell me where my sister is?” The anger and resentment he had for William’s father rose in his blood. “She’s missing and I don’t even know if she’s alive. She would go to the ends of the earth for that man even when he asks her to go through hell.”

Agent Doggett had sympathy for Scully’s brother as he listened to Bill’s tirade.

“And they do it all for what?”

Doggett knew he was going to say “aliens.” He also knew everything former Agent Mulder had been chasing was all true. He never wanted to believe it but when he saw it with his own eyes, he knew it was all true. There was a war waging. This was a serious war. And the enemy was here to take the world.

“Now, Mr. Scully I know you don’t want to hear this but the thing Mulder was chasing was very much real. The thing that killed this boy’s parents is here and it’s real. The boy saw what they did to his parents. We think he is in danger.”

“From what?”

Doggett was stern and serious.

“From the very thing that forced Dana to give him up. They want him.”

“Why? I don’t understand this nonsense.”

“We don’t really know. The boy is a gifted child intelligently. But there are plenty of “gifted” children out there. When we called you, every thing about this boy checks out normal. There is nothing out of the ordinary about him.”

“This all sounds like such crap. Mulder’s ruined all of you with his crap.”

Doggett scratched his hair and shook his head somewhat frustrated there was no getting through to Dana’s brother. What had she told him about what happened to Mulder? Bill Scully only knew that Mulder claimed to have been abducted by space aliens and he remembered his sister mourned his death. And then he wasn’t dead. And then he left his sister unwed and alone with a baby. He knew nothing of the battles that were waged and how Mulder had figured out how to fight the super soldiers. And how that war was won was something the public never even knew about. That was only one battle. The menace had not been conquered, only slowed.

“What we have here is a child who survived a traumatic event. They thought it would be best if he could see his relatives before we take him back.”

“What do you mean take him back?”

“We feel that William is in eminent danger. They killed his parents.”


“The alien hybrid super soldiers.”

“What? How am I supposed to believe this crap.”

Doggett stayed cool. “Alright. Let’s just say someone or something is out to get William. We don’t know why. He managed to escaped the killers. They can find him as easily as I have found you.”

Bill thought about that statement for a few minutes. It was not that hard to connect the dots. He also did not want to let the boy go.

“Right now, Mr. Scully, your whole family is in danger. We have already taken your mother into protective custody.”


“She understands the danger. She wrote you a letter.” Doggett reached into his jacket and retrieved a handwritten note from Scully’s mother.

Bill took the letter from Doggett’s hand and tore open the envelope.

“Dear Bill, There are things you may not understand when you meet with the agent. It is very important that you listen to him. I fear that all of us are in danger. There are forces out there that are trying to destroy us. We have an obligation to protect William. I urge you to take the agent’s advice and take your family to safety. William needs us right now, but we need to be able to protect him. This is why I put my trust in Agent Doggett. We will all be together soon. Love, your Mother.”

Meanwhile on the small Island off the northern coast of Australia;

Dr. Scully was walking up the path to the place she was calling home. She was coming back from checking on Simon’s mother who had been ill. It was a half a mile trek that she always enjoyed. The walking gave her moments to reflect. This would be almost a perfect paradise if only she could see her son. Just to know he was alive and happy would be all she would need.

She looked at the jungle fauna noticing budgie parakeets squawking suddenly and taking to wing. Other sounds of wildlife crescendoed with alarm. She looked around nervously feeling she was being warned by nature. Up in the sky directly above her was a triangle shaped UFO. There was a beam slowly dropping down to the depths of the jungle. Scully dove into the bushes and clung close to the ground. This was a soil that was rich in magnetite. She could see the beam sweep the jungle floor like it was looking for her. All she could think of was they may have already found Mulder. They would take him away from her and this time she would not get him back.

Back at their camp Simon and Mulder were taking cover in the magnetite cave.

“Those are the bad ones. They want to kill us.” Simon knew this somehow.

Mulder looked at him wondering how Simon knew. “What are they, Simon?”

“Legends tell that the devils fly to take our minds. They want to take everything. They don’t like the rocks here.”

Mulder realized that his friend had extreme insight into the battle. Mulder knew about the geography thinking they would be safe here, hoping that the battle had been won. Now he worried about Scully.

“Scully! I need to find her.”
“Look!” Shouted Simon.

The UFO zipped up into the sky and vanished.

Mulder ran out of the cave and headed up the path. He ran like crazy calling out his lover’s name.


He could hear her voice echo through the vegetation.

“Mulder!” Her voice sounded closer.

They ran into each other’s arms and embraced with the memory of fear and desperation.

“I was so scared they had taken you.” Said Scully.

“They found us. They’re back. It’s time for us to leave here.”

  1. A man lurked in the shadow of a corridor at an elementary school where free vaccines were being offered. He could see the children lined up to get their shot. It all looked legitimate with the two nurses and two people cataloging on computers taking down personal information. How willingly the young humans assembled into the line. The nano micro chips would not be felt or detected by the young participants. His face was revealed as he stepped into the light. This was a face so very similar to Fox Mulder. He looked rougher and meaner and he wore tortes shell glasses and a mustache. He was smugly reaching in his coat for a cigarette but remembered he was in a school. He instead pulled out his cell phone and made a call.

“Yes. We were successful. It’s so easy to motivate when you play upon fear.”

At the compound where Doggett had found for the Scully family, the TV blared in the game room where William and Melissa sat at a table. She was trying to keep him occupied with an old fashion game of Stratego. He kept up with his cousin and the game but his mind was covering many worries. The TV had a talk show with frantic mothers discussing a new form of what appears to be autism. Their children have been unresponsive emotionally. They do everything they are supposed to but they have no feelings. Not happy, not sad. And it all started to happen after being vaccinated for the flu.

“It’s them!” William said. “I need to tell Agent Doggett.”

He stood up and ran to the kitchen where Doggett was drinking coffee and looking at his lap top.

The agent could see the dire look on William’s face.

“What is it, William?”

William went to the counter and retrieved the TV remote and turned on the program he was watching.

“Often times these children are showing signs of complete unresponsiveness.” Says the talk show host.

A mother pleaded. “He has not been the same since the vaccine he was given at the school. I know it’s the vaccine.” Her face was crying as the camera panned to the zombied out child.

Melissa had followed William. She was curious as to what William was talking about.

“It’s them.” William said to Doggett. “We have to stop it.”

Dana’s mother Mrs. Scully came in the kitchen when she heard Will pleading. She was the one person William would let comfort him. When she first held the child in her arms was the only time he was able to weep about the loss of his parents.

“What is it, William?” She asked.

“They are doing it. Look!” he pointed to the TV. “We have to stop them.”

Doggett was at a loss as to what to do. Everyone was waiting for a response.

“Okay. I have told you that cell phones and the internet were not to be used. Not by your old stuff.” He stood up from the table and looked at his watch. “I’ll be back in a few days. William, I will immediately look into this.”

William looked around for some note paper and a pen. He scribbled something quickly onto the note pad. He tore it off the pad and handed it to a curious Doggett. Doggett glanced at the paper like it was greek as he looked at the chemical formula.

“What is this?”

“The antidote.” He said frankly.

The turbo prop plane that Mulder and Scully flew in from the island to Darwin hummed along with the loud slow drone. They both felt sleepy and leaned on each other catching a few snoozes. It was a small six seater and there were only two other passengers aboard beside the pilot. One was an old aboriginal woman who carried on board a cage with three chickens. The other was an asian man in his forties looking to make it to Sydney.

Any rest on board the plane was interrupted. The chickens started clucking nervously. Then the pilot’s voice could be heard.

“What the bloody hell?”

This startled the American couple back awake. They exchanged glances and automatically checked their watches.

“What the hell is that?”

Bright light enveloped the plane. Mulder grabbed Scully and held onto her tight.

“Stay with me, Scully. What ever happens. Don’t let go of me.”
Her frightened eyes cast into his. “I love you.”

“I love you.” He said back to her.

Consciousness was lost. A tractor beam permeated the inside of the small plane. When the plane’s occupants awoke the American couple was missing. Their seats were empty like they had never been there.


When the plane landed in Darwin the old woman on board was crying incoherently and the other passenger was walking like he had been bending his arm at a martini bar. When they stepped out onto the tarmac two tall men in suits whisked them away into a car. The woman was screaming at this point.

“You can’t do this. My son is meeting me here. What about my chickens?”

One of the men firmly protected her head as she was pushed into the black car.

The other passenger was mumbling in Japanese, shaking his head and gesticulating with his hands.

The pilot just sat in his pilot’s seat unable to motivate himself out of the airplane. One of the men came onto the plane. He was searching for the two people who were missing. He confronted the pilot.

“Hey! Where are the Americans that were on this plane?” The man pulled back on the pilot who was staring blankly.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, mate. I... I don’t know. Who?”

“Mr. and Mrs. Luder.”

“I’m sorry. I don’t know anyone by that name.”

The big strong man lifted the pilot up and pulled him from his seat.

“I swear! I don’t know who you’re looking for.”

THe man in the dark suit marched the pilot off the plane and put him in the back of another black car. The cars left the tarmac and drove up the road. The chickens were left behind clucking in their cage as the big black cars drove away.

At the compound Agent Rheas joined the the confines seeking protection with her six year old boy, Nathanel Doggett. Agent Doggett had become aware that the evil forces were now threatening his family. He realized he was being followed. The line in the sand was drawn and the clarity of the seriousness of the situation was setting in. The female voice on his cell phone, familiar yet disguised warned him he was endangered. “Trust No One.”

William was anxious to hear from news by Agent Doggett. He was curious as Rheas and Nathan came in with suit cases. He was quick to warm up to her and her son. There was some news that she brought.

Agent Rheas could tell how incredible William was. She knew he had questions. She sat down at the compound’s meeting area, the kitchen table. It was one on one with her and William.

“The formula is wrong, isn’t it?” William asked her.

“Yes. John had me bring you a chemistry software and he brought you a power book to help you.”

William’s eyes lit up. “That will help”. William stood up impatiently. “Help me set it up! We don’t have any time.” His concerned look gave her little pause.

Melissa was the special computer expert and was able to have the computer get the ball moving. The information was soon available for William to try to figure out his error.

The room had a soft blue light. It was like a cloud. They could feel a cool mist of water like a cloud. Mulder and Scully clung to each other standing in the middle of a white beam of light. They locked gaze with each other as the voices were heard in their heads. The voices were deep and authoritarian. Sentences were stated all at once like several voices thick.

All the answers were stated to all those questions. The insight to the battle was given. The warnings to look for. The way to stop what has begun.

The most important bit of information that seemed to come to was;


The one statement that came to the couple like it had been pounded by a big bass drum.

Out side of a grade school in Washington D.C. a crowd had gathered after emergency vehicles came blaring towards the school. Mothers were screaming hysterically. People were carrying signs. There were mothers and fathers with children. The crowd was furious and demanded answers. The signs read;

“Close the school.” “No shots.” “Give me back my child.” “No Flu Shots.”

When Doggett walked up to the scene he showed his credentials to the wall of police. People surrounded him and were shouting. He rushed past the pushing and shoving and made it through the police line. He flashed his badge and walked up the stairs to the front entrance. Yellow police tape marked off the scene. Forensic police were assessing the crime scene. Blood was every where splattered on the walls and floors. A detective in charge approached Agent Doggett as he took in the horror of the scene.

They stared at the bullet riddled bodies of children and teachers in the hallway. Two detectives greeted Doggett at the lobby.

“What happened here?” Doggett was in shock at the horrific sight. There were ten dead children and eight adults.

“We’re not sure. One teacher started going berserk screaming as she shot up everyone.”
“What was she saying?”

“They are coming. They took our children!”

Doggett could only think of what William was telling him. The invasion had begun.

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