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Friday, April 6, 2012

To Chris Carter and the writers of The X Files

To Chris Carter and the writer’s of The X FIles;
 I want to help. In your wonderful TV show, the aliens are quite evil. They only wish to annihilate the humans and take over the earth. Only Mulder and Scully can save us.
We also find that Scully has righteousness. She has this faith in the higher power. 
There is always good and evil. Does this battle go beyond earth and to the stars?
I think that aliens are being misrepresented. No one gets there alone. Read “William Story”. We finally see there is a force greater than the evil, scary, oil secreting, claw shredding, hatched aliens.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Miner's Pass

 I have been working on "Miner's Pass" for a few years now. Come see my new blog.

 I view the XFiles as a romantic story. I think that is why it has such a strong following. "Miner's Pass" Is a romantic story.

Sometimes good things happen to good people; people who had bad things happen to them. Joel Sherman is a survivor of two horrific tragedies. He just doesn't believe in good things anymore, at least not for him.
He had chosen a reclusive life on a remote Colorado mountain with his dog Beau.
While driving his Jeep home, Joel and Beau are pushed down a hill by an avalanche. With broken bones, cuts, and unconsciousness, Joel was facing a certain death. His dog Beau finds help. He is rescued by a quirky strange woman. Marty Finn made him laugh. He had quit laughing.
"Miner's Pass" is a fun story about forgiveness and joy.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Hey Chris Carter! XF3 does not have to be about 2012!

There are those of us among the philos (XFiles fans) that were stoked up about the proposed XF3 movie being entwined with the Mayan Calendar date of 12-12-12. (or whatever the date is when we are all wiped out). I am not one of them. I think The X Files stands alone. It does not need the hyped up inter net inspired hoopla to be what it is about. So as a fan I urge Fox to consider a movie that needs to be made. If you make it we will come.