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Friday, August 27, 2010

William Story

Written by: Joan Crow Cimyotte

E-mail address: joan@crowproductions.com

Category: Relationships

Time: present 2010-2012

Rating G

Summery: Will is a farm boy whose parents are murdered by new improved super soldier. He meets the good aliens who want him to fight the future.

Disclaimer: The category is relationships because it is how the characters are related embedded in the mythology of the XFiles. This is how I think the feature film FX3 should begin. Even though I wrote it as a one hour episode, it would make an awesome beginning to the movie. I am following story line elements and characters created by Chris Carter and The X Files series.

William Story

Intro scene:

At two in the morning ten year old William Jansen was dreaming that dream. It was the scary nightmare. The sky was on fire and buildings were in rubble and smoldering across the horizon. Strange destructive space ships cruised the sky shooting randomly at things still alive. Humans were hiding in sewer tunnels and burnt out basements cringing at their ultimate fate. In the smoke a hand reached out to him and pulled him into her arms. She smiled at him. It was the face he remembered from long ago as an infant. She was beautiful with emerald eyes and red hair. Up in the sky a shadow covered them. A space ship was flying low in the sky. It was a shiny metallic, larger than four football fields, and shaped like a boomerang. The small speedy triangle ships were gone and the attack was over. William woke up and sat up in his bed wide eyed and frightened.

Theme song intro.


The light had barely hinted into the eastern horizon when Will came in from his morning chore feeding the chickens. The sounds of a working farm in early spring permeated the early morning stillness as the farm equipment rumbled into action and cows were mooing. William’s father was already plowing a field barely visible from the farm house. The screen door slammed as William made it into the kitchen. His mother placed a plate of scrambled eggs and toast in front of him. Her hair was gray now. It was a sharp contrast to the straight bright red tufts of hair that sprang from William’s head. She was good to William as the only mother he had known. Imbedded with deep Christian bible based beliefs, she was warm and loving.

“Thanks, Mom.”
“You’re going to need to hurry if you’re going to catch the bus.”
“I know.” He was munching his breakfast thinking about his dream the night before. It was almost his eleventh birthday and the images in his mind from long ago were clear.

His mother knew he was thinking about her again. They had told him a long time ago that they had adopted him as a six month old baby. She knew the child was haunted by his biological mother’s face. He went as far as describing her. He remembered her emerald eyes and red hair. She had a pretty smile and a soft voice.

“Is anything wrong, Will?”

“I had that dream again.”

She was quiet thinking it was hard to know what to tell him.

“Did you know her? You know, my birth mother?” He had never asked that. Why would some one give up their child? Was it something I did? Did she die? Why couldn’t she take care of me?

“We never knew her, Will. We were told she could no longer take care of you. We thought maybe she was sick. They never told us anything except we were waiting for a baby and we wanted you so much.” She touched the side of his cheek. “It was the best day of my life.”
Will smiled at her.

They could hear the school bus’s horn honking. William shoved a bight of food into his mouth and grabbed his book bag. His mother kissed him and he was out the door. The bus door was opened waiting for him.

The bus driver remarked to William as he was still chewing on the last bite of food from his plate. “Child, you should be making time to brush those teeth.”
William whisked past her and took his seat in the middle of the bus. The bus pulled away from the shoulder and headed towards the school. William saw a black SUV whiz past the school bus heading the direction of his parents’ farm. He felt a strange twinge of fear when he looked at the vehicle with dark tinted windows that hid its passengers.

In school he doodled in his notebook as the teacher was going on about math. “Return of the King” by J.R.R.Tolkien was also on his desk. He could read a couple of pages when her back was to him. It was the math William already knew. The kid purposely made wrong answers because he refused to stand out in the crowd of students. In previous years he excelled and the school wanted to send him to a special school for smart kids. He didn’t like people focusing on him. Anonymity was his best tool. He was not average but he felt it was best for him to be average.

He was busy with his drawing when the teacher busted him for it. She picked up his notebook and viewed the elaborate depiction of the nightmare he saw the night before. The triangle UFOs shooting death-rays at cities in ruin.

“What is this, William?” She placed the notebook back on the desk. “Shouldn’t you be paying attention?”
“Yes ma’am. Sorry.” He could see the classmates looking at him.

“Your science fiction fantasies should be kept at home. While you are in my classroom, I need you to focus.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

All the kids in the class enjoyed William’s renderings. It was his only key to any sort of acceptance with his classmates. They thought he was a spooky kid. He was always drawing pictures of UFO’s, and devils, demons verses God and Moses, Strider verses Mordor. They croaked their necks to try for a glimpse of the teacher’s concern. She confiscated the drawing and wagged her finger at him.

“You can have it back after school.”


William sat next to Jenny Winston on the bus ride home. Being the loner that he was his best friend was a girl.

“Can I see your drawing? She gave it back to you, didn’t she?”

“Yeah.” He handed her his notebook.

Jenny opened it up to his latest page. She looked at it thinking it would be his latest rendering from “Star Wars”. She was well versed in William’s fascination with the movie series.

“I don’t remember this part. What is this?” She was looking at his finely rendered depiction of the frightening scenario from his nightmares, the Alien space ships destroying the world.

“It’s nothing. I just drew it.” He took his notebook back, closed it up and put it back into his bag. He felt a chill up his spine when he glanced out the window. Speeding away past the direction of the bus was the same black SUV he saw in the morning. It sped away from the direction of his family’s farm.

Jenny noticed the vehicle too. “Wow. I wonder why they’re going so fast.”
“Don’t know.” Said William thinking there was something ominous about it’s presence.

Walking towards the house he noticed fresh tire prints. William’s analytical mind was working like the detective he was. He noticed where the vehicle had stopped with a man’s shoe print in the soft dirt of the driveway. He felt that fear he had been born into. The fear in the back of his conscious mind that drove his mother to give him up. He remembered. The strange deformed man who injected a Ferris solution into his bloodstream, he remembered the fear. His mother crying, he remembered. His father’s voice was soft and soothing, he could remember. Beyond her grief, he could remember her face.

The front door was ajar. The house was quiet and the floor creaked when he stepped inside cautiously.

“Mom?” He called out.

“Right here.” She came out of the kitchen.

William could instantly tell something was strange. She looked taller. She showed no warm emotion like she always does. She had no smile. Her voice sounded low and course. Most of all there was no eye contact.

“Would you like something to eat?”

“Maybe, later.” William did not know what to do. His defense at this point was to act like everything was normal. He headed for the stairs to his bedroom. “I have a lot of homework.”

He went into his room, shut the door and locked it. The four walls felt like a trap or a jail. He had no plan. He had no place to go. When he looked out his window he could see the tractor in the field idle. His father was nowhere in sight. His mind worked quickly as he emptied out his school bag. He stuffed a pair of jeans and some shirts, socks and under ware. He found a warm black colored hooded sweatshirt and threw that in.

He was startled when there was a knock on his door.

“William. Are you in there?”

He hesitated. Where was his mother? This was not her. He did not want to open the door.

“I’m changing my clothes.” He lied. He went to the window and opened it. He had climbed out of his window before. There was a roof that hung over a patio, and then there was a tree he could climb down. He pushed out the screen, grabbed his bag and climbed out the window. He hung down on the lowest limb of the tree and he jumped to the ground. He put his pack on his back and ran to the field. The ground was partially plowed and muddy but he ran to the grove of trees and hid. He looked back at the house and there were no sounds. The impostor had not come to chase him or look for him. He sat on the soft ground watching the daylight fade.


Darkness had set in and William hid like how Frodo the Hobbit hid from the Orcs in J.R.R.Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings.” He could see the headlights approaching. It was a caravan of cars. This was bad he thought. Something inside him knew his parents were murdered. It was that fear he carried with him his whole life. What is it? It’s here again. Something very evil is trying to kill me, he thought. His empty stomach growled. He could see the cars stop at the farm house.

“William, look up.” Said a voice in his head.

The voice was calm and soothing.

“In the sky.”

His eyes focused right away to the strange thing in the sky. It was boomerang in shape just like his dreams. But all he could see of it was high up in the sky. It looked very small.

“They can not see you. A man vaccinated you when you were a baby. They can hear you, they can not see you. Do not be afraid. Good vs. Evil. We are the keepers. We are the guardians. We are the Arch Angels and all the saints. Your name is Mulder. You are a warrior. Humanity looks to you. Fight the future.”

The thoughts he heard seem to pile up on each other. They were spoken with rapid succession and all at once. Separate thoughts were stacked on top of each other. As he stared at the strange object it zipped away. Tracers from it’s tail lights lingered for a moment after it was gone. He stood there realizing the thing was talking to him.

“They can not see you.” William thought about that one. The impostor mother never knew where to make eye contact because she couldn’t see me.

Even though they can’t see me, they are headed this way. The field suddenly had dozens of these super soldiers marching towards him. He could hear them shout to each other.

“Capture alive! Do not kill. Capture alive! Do not kill.”

“They can not see you.” Echoed in his head. He decided to trust the voice and he stood completely still. Just like Frodo, he thought except no ring.

Just like Orcs the super soldiers marched right past him. He waited for them to get out of hearing range and then he ran towards the house. He could get his dad’s truck and blaze on down the road.

What he did not count on was his replacement mother grabbing him as he snuck into the garage.

“Capture alive! Do not kill.” She shouted as she overpowered the kid with super soldier strength.

William struggled. There in the truck he saw his parent’s bodies. The strong arms had a ruthless grip on him.


William continued his efforts to get away from the alien pod person that impersonated his mother. This she/it was carrying William into the house. His limbs were flailing in defense landing ineffective kicks and punches. Because of William’s efforts the monster soldier tripped on the broken step William’s father had not fixed yet. William was catapulted out into the front lawn and his mother’s replicant crashed to the ground. It was quickly back on it’s feet again but she/it had lost him.

William laid on the grass trying to be the Cheshire cat. “They can’t see you.” Repeated in his head. He could see the thing sniffing the air. Oh no. It can smell me. William got up slowly and started running towards the road. There were five empty black SUVs parked along the road. He thought he could commandeer one and high tail it out of there. But just a quarter mile away he could see cars approaching. He made it to the ditch along the road and hid. The vehicles pulled up quickly and the occupants jumped out of the cars and marched towards the house. William could see these humanoids had no faces and were carrying torches.

The super soldiers had returned to the house thinking they had the “Item” in custody only to be confronted by the faceless torch bearers. These torches were flame throwers and soon everything was on fire. William could feel the heat of his family home blazing. The whole premises was orange yellow and hot. William’s strong hold in the ditch seemed safe for now.

The faceless ones prevailed and got back into their cars. They headed west to the unknown. William hunkered down in the ditch still deciding what to do next. The big black SUVs were still parked out front. He hesitated then cautiously approached the first car. He was lucky, the keys were in the ignition. He got in the driver’s seat and pulled the seat forward as close as it would go so he could reach the pedals. His dad had taught him how to operate a truck. He told him it was a useful thing for a man to be able to drive.

William managed to drive the vehicle down the road to escape. The town was ten miles east. A new line of cars approached. William was not sure what to do. He just kept going and as the cars got closer he could see the road was blocked with police and more black SUVs. He screeched to a stop. Guns were pointed at him as men surrounded the car.

“Hands in the air!” Shouted a familiar voice.

William raised his hands. A man from his past approached the door. He wore a nice dark suit and his face was more craggy than he remembered.

Agent Doggett opened the door cautiously. There was the ten year old kid with the coloring of his mother and the face of his father. Doggett knew that a new breed of super soldiers were back and the government was actively on guard knowing they were back. Doggett eased the situation and put the gun away. He held out his hand for the kid to climb out of the SUV.

“It’s okay son. You are safe. What’s your name?”


“Mulder?” There was little doubt in his mind who he had just found.

“William Mulder, sir.”

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Humble XFile fan wanting a 3rd movie

My new blog

I needed an outlet for my own so-called "Fan fiction" of the X Files TV series. I thought it was fun until I read a few. There seemed to be an extreame obsession with some fans to live out Mulder and Scully finally stoinking. The one thing I loved about the show was the sexual tension, and later in the series the implied connection they had finally. Some fan fic fans go to great lengths about the sex between them. I wish only to remind these horny lovely souls that you would be viewing a middle aged couple doing the Mc Nasty. ;>D.

I need a place to post my fan-fic. In my fantasy world Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz would hire me to help write the third movie.