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Saturday, March 5, 2011

NO PLACE ON EARTH Continued...

Written by: Joan Cimyotte

E-mail address: joan@crowproductions.com

Category: Relationships

Time: present 2010-2012

Rating G

Summery: The search is on for Mulder and Scully who have not been seen in a few years. Agent

Doggett finds William’s uncle to take the boy in and vows to him he will find his parents. And the old threat of alien invasion has turned into a plague.

Title: NO PLACE ON EARTH {Continued}

Disclaimer: The category is relationships because it is how the characters are related embedded in the mythology of the XFiles. This is how I think the feature film FX3 should continue after “William Story” and the next installment which was "No Place On Earth". This would be maybe into the first forty minutes of the movie. I am following story line elements and characters created by Chris Carter and The X Files series.

In a trance like state the human couple had no idea where they had been dropped off

inexplicably by the strange vessel in the sky. They both woke up at the same time feeling sand on their faces. The hot breath of moist air filled their senses. They both had a moment of panic as consciousness took them over and they clung to each other as they grasped their surroundings. It was raining and the vegetation was thick and tropical not unlike where they had been for the last year. This was different. There was a large body of water undulating behind them as they laid on the banks of this large lazy river. Jungle noises filled their ears and they both looked at each other trying to remember how it is they were where they were.

“Mulder? Where are we? How?”

“We were on the plane. Do you remember what happened?” Mulder tried to brush the sand off Scully’s face.

She sat up and looked around at her surroundings trying to ponder this new reality. She was able to recognize certain aspects like animals and plants.

“Mulder? I think the river is the Amazon.”

He gazed at the river and then looked at Scully. The question of how seemed unanswerable. “How can that be?” He said in amazement.

He remembered something and thought, “Find the frog.” He heard in his memory as one of the commands. Where did this command come from?

“Find the frog, Mulder!” She could see he was thinking the same thing. Then the realization of who or what had told them that. “How did we get here?” She remembered something very odd and unspeakable.

“Scully, we were abducted. Off the plane.” His eyes were intent as his memory of things that happened to him. There was no terror like his previous abduction or like Scully’s. It was something very different.

She looked at him remembering it as well. “Find the frog! What does that mean?”

Their attention was averted when hopping in front of them came several tiny orange and green frogs. THey looked at each other and then back at the frogs.

“We found the frogs!” said Mulder.

One frog hopped right in front of her within grabbing range. She thought about catching it when all of a sudden flying darts and arrows landed surrounding them. THis was followed by voices yelling in excitement in a language unrecognizable. Out of the thick jungle fauna jumped out a dozen native Amazon people mostly naked and aiming their weapons at the confused American couple.

Mulder and Scully were kneeling in the sand realizing they were prisoners of unknown people. Deep in the middle of a dense jungle, they were completely at their mercy. The boomerang that was given to Mulder from Simon was next to him in the sand. When the people saw it they backed away and prostrated themselves to the messenger arrivals. They were muttering in an unknown language. Out of the jungle thick came a women dressed in linen and kaki complete with a pith helmet.

“Quien eres?” (Who are you?)” She said in Spanish.

Realizing Spanish was being spoken, Mulder spoke up. “Habla Engles?”

The woman shook her head no.

“Que quires?” (What do you want?) She said.

“Frogs.” Said Mulder. “Las ranas.”

The woman shook her head no again. She was very concerned.

“Las ranas puede matar!” (Those frogs can kill you.) “Un solo toque!” (Just one touch) “Las rana puede matar!”

Mulder and Scully looked at each other, sort of understanding what the woman was saying.

“One touch, Mulder. Indigenous people use the secretions from certain frogs to make poison arrow tips. I don’t know Spanish that well.”

“I don’t either. But I think I’m understanding her.”

They both stood up. Mulder had the boomerang in his hand. The people rumbled with whimpering noises and they nervously groveled. Scully and Mulder looked at the woman who clearly was not one of the Amazon people.

“Que esta mal?” (What is wrong?) Asked Scully. She hesitated with her memory of Spanish. “Por Que tie-in miedo?” (Why are they afraid?)

“Es us boomerang!” The thirty year old Spanish speaking woman who came from university. She pointed to the sky. “Dicen que la nave en el cielo.(They say the ship in the sky.) El boomerang!”

M & S looked at each other.

“The sky.” Said Mulder.

“The ship.” Said Scully. “Mulder?”

“How do you think we got here?”

“What are we supposed to do with frogs that by just touching it could kill us?”

Reports were coming in from all over the world of bazar events with great loss of life. Scattered places around the world were experiencing mass killings. There were many reports of whole villages and towns being hit by some unknown virus that caused mass death.